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Our store to your door and delivery too!!


Pet Playhouse not only  brings your purchases to your car door but we also offer delivery within a 20 mile radius. 

Save the date 8/11/2019 raindate 8/18/2019


Pet Playhouse will be having their Customer Appreciation Day!! We have tons of giveaways, spin the prize wheel. Everyone goes home with something. Manufacturers giveaways. Spin the wheel!! The adoption bus will be here filled with local adoptable cats and dogs!! Fun for the whole family. 

Testimonials and Reviews

Abigale Jones

"Debbie donated puppy food and coupons to our rescue pups! They are amazing!"

Ingrid Harrison

 Amazing store, if you can't find it here, doesn't exist. Expert nutritional direction,  along with caring customer service. 

Doreen Guarino

 Pet Playhouse has everything my dogs want and need! I love it there. The staff is always friendly and enormously helpful!❤️ 


Bailey Carter

 The best pet store EVER! The cat food selection is great and Debbie is  so helpful. I foster kittens and she always gives me great advice for my  tons of questions! Will always shop here for my pets and fosters!!! 

Stacey Fitzsimmons

 So glad we found this place! Debbie is awesome, so knowledgeable, and  helpful. We have found some great products in this store, and they  support local rescue shelters! If you're in the area, I highly  recommended visiting pet playhouse, and support a local business 👍 

Sami Nanya

 Debbie was wonderful me and Luna are happy and well stocked and she  answered all my questions about food treats and my dogs meds and I like  that she made instructions easier than the dam vet did 

Abigale Jones

Debbie donated puppy food & coupons to our rescue pups! They are amazing!

George Baron

 Thank you for the great advice the other day to help with my very scared  rescue kitties. Both have made fantastic progress in just a couple of  days. 1 has gone from hiding under the bed all day to now peaking out  every once in a while and taking food from our hands. The other has  turned into a purring machine. I'll stop by tomorrow and show you a  picture that's hard to believe.

Pet Playhouse works with Local Rescues


For the past 14 years,  Pet Playhouse pet supplies has worked with numerous organizations locally to find qualified homes for these wonderful animals.   We have donated thousands of dollars locally between supplies, fundraisers and monetary  donations. We encourage rescues and adoptions and offer free and discounted products as well as education for new pet parents.

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About Us

Healthy Options

Pet Playhouse is a family owned holistic pet supply store. We carry healthy  options in foods and supplements. With an extensive veterinary background we work closely with local veterinarians and groomers. 

Fun Toys

We have quite an extensive selection of toys. Interactive toys, puzzle toys, squeaker toys!!

We have from very small to very large toys. Everything from squeaker toys to interactive toys. We have  all kinds of puzzle toys. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed


We love our customers  and their parents. We are a family oriented store and treat everyone like family.  We want your experience with us to always be a pleasant one. Pets are always welcome!!

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